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We offer an Antitrust & Competition Group focused on guiding clients through their greatest challenges and opportunities relating to fair competition in a global marketplace. In this environment, many of the world’s leading companies are turning to BF Solution as their preferred competition counsel on their global antitrust policies, litigation and regulatory strategies. Our clients include many of the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions. We provide preeminent criminal and civil antitrust litigation defense, government investigation defense, expedited transaction clearance and real-world counseling experience. We work with buyers and sellers through all facets of the mergers and acquisitions regulatory clearance process, starting at the earliest stages of a deal to identify, allocate and reduce potential antitrust issues. By assessing the level of regulatory risk at the outset, we can better prepare the legal and economic analyses necessary to navigate clients through the entire deal negotiation and clearance process. 

BF Solution offers a practice that is built around highly qualified lawyers who are accustomed to working across borders and are fully aware of both the local and international dimensions of antitrust and competition issues, no matter what the business model or industry. Our antitrust legal team provides forward-looking, business-centric advice and counsel on the full scope of antitrust and competition law issues which includes 

We serve as business advisors and advise and defend on a variety of issues, including: 

  • Vertical pricing and minimum advertised pricing policies 

  • Antitrust aspects of and litigation involving distribution and franchise arrangements 

  • No-poaching, wage-fixing, labor exemption, and other employment market antitrust counseling and litigation 

  • Competitor collaborations, information sharing, and trade association activity 

  • Compliance and training programs 

  • Domestic and international antitrust implications of M&A deals, including Hart-Scott-Rodino Act notification, access letters, and second requests 

  • Federal and state investigations and enforcement actions 

  • Licensing of intellectual property rights 

Our team of experienced antitrust attorneys help businesses implement effective antitrust compliance and training programs so they can compete hard without running afoul of the antitrust laws. 

  • Christopher Dylan

Anti Trust and Competition Expert

“I am an advocate with the firm’s Antitrust practice group my role has been to represent a broad range of individuals and businesses in civil litigation, with a focus on multi-district class actions and antitrust litigation.