Constantine Lewin

Policy Development and Research officer

‘’I represent the research and policy team at Bf Solutions Nonprofit Organizations department.

Constantine service involves counseling, guidance and advocacy for nonprofit organizations, including trade associations, professional societies, advocacy groups, charities, and other entities. He brings extensive experience using risk assessment and analysis, negotiation skills, and practical problem-solving to move mission-driven nonprofit organizations toward their goals. He has extensive experience with many of the major issues affecting nonprofit organizations, including tax exemption, antitrust, governance, and transactional matters. He is well versed in matters related to association standard setting and enforcement, certification, accreditation, and code-of-conduct reviews.

Prior to his experience Constantine volunteered his service to multiple non-for-profit organizations his experience with this organizations have given him a broader perspective on various decision making and counselling roles. Constantine has represented multiple organizations across a number of congressional investigations & streamlined governance functions, introducing new codes of conduct, providing creative legal solutions for new initiatives, and managing a variety of litigation matters, including class actions.

Professional Qualification

Volunteered service at Alzheimer’s Research UK
Admitted at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LL
Admitted at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP (Hong Kong)

Academic Qualifications

University Leeds
University Nottingham
University of Maryland School of Law