David Lugard

Dennis Smith

David has over a decade of experience in the geospatial and environmental fields he regularly employs ArcGIS and relational databases to create a comprehensive understanding of the spatial relationships among existing and proposed resources. His GIS capabilities include geospatial data analysis, cartographic design, aerial imagery interpretation, and database design and management. David has successfully employed GIS and GPS technologies in monitoring studies, transmission line routing and siting projects, wind energy feasibility studies, inventory assessment and wetland delineations, He is responsible for Bf solutions data analysis, project investigations, as well as data creation and management for remediation and monitoring projects. 

Professional Qualification 

Employed at Optimus S.A.1976-1986 

Offered consulting service to Qumak 1988-1993 

Offered consulting service to Digital Reality 1999-2008  

Employed at Graphisoft as chief Data Analyst 2010 –2015  

Academic qualifications 

Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science (University of Warsaw) 1964-1968 

Masters in Data Analysis (university of Warsaw) 1970-1972