David Shelby

Chief technology officer

I am Responsible for the technology, innovation and blockchain department within BF Solution. As a CTO my duty surrounds the operations of all projects Changes in technology and the decentralized industry. 

David brings an extensive software development experience and leadership to Bf Solution. David is actively charged with the day to day running of the department overseeing all operational processes that efficiently deliver high quality services and software to our various clients and partners.  David is well experienced having close to 26 years of experience within the software industry beginning his career at Compaq computers described by his team as very passionate about developing  ,maintaining and testing any form of secure system involving Smart Contract ensuring there operational  validator and  secured features remain the same .David graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor’s degree in Software engineering after which he proceeded to complete a masters in software development at the university of Bedfordshire. David is a devoted father, husband and Christian who enjoys to spend most of his leisure times reading, camping and teaching. 

Professional Qualification

Worked at Compaq (1994 –2002)
Worked at Dassault Systèmes SE (2003-2012)
Admitted at Bf solution as head software engineer (2013)

Academic Qualifications

(B.SE.) in Software Engineering university of London (1985-1989)
(M.S.) in Software Development University of (1991-1993)