Dennis Smith

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I am a cryptography specialist & data security expert with BF solutions cybersecurity team.  

Dennis work and research interests include formal methods for the design and verification of digital-hardware systems. He has developed a formal theory for pipelined circuits that is based on the conventional ideas of structural hazards, control hazards, data hazards and DataPath functionality. Dennis current activities involves the application of different formalization aspects of pipeline hazards to explore new design and verification techniques for varying classes of hazards. Earlier Dennis carried out his internship at PayPal for more than 6 months moving on to be one of the developers at pebble. 

His most recent works involves the verifying data-hazard accuracy, exploiting the power and usability of an off-the-shelf combinational equivalence checker, and developing a prototype design and verification tool that includes a cell library of control components for pipeline stages. Dennis offered his services with in creating the Microbox framework for microprocessor correctness statements 

Professional Qualification 

  • Internship at PayPal 
  • Worked at Pebble 
  • Admitted at bf solution  

Academic qualifications 

  • (BCS) computer science university University of Toronto 
  • MSc in Mathematics University of Hong Kong  


  • English  
  • French