Intellectual Property

At BF Solution our Intellectual Property Practice Group demonstrates the skills and tenacity needed to protect and defend the valuable IP rights of our clients.

Our lawyers, many of whom are also patent agents or trademark agents, are dedicated to advising clients on all aspects of IP, including brand and portfolio management, trademark clearance and prosecution, technology commercialization, IP litigation, and corporate IP strategies.

We can also guide you through a merger and acquisition transaction in regard to IP asset transfer and related issues. We offer our depth and breadth of services to a diverse client base, ranging from startups and technology incubators to mid-sized companies and large multinational corporations. Our IP Group includes lawyers who are recognized leaders in all areas of IP law.

They have diverse backgrounds; some are registered professional engineers or have with graduate degrees in science, technology or engineering.

The diversity of expertise and technical background within our Group enables us to ensure that the right person is entrusted with your business matters.

Our practice has deep experience in the areas of banking and finance, biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, software, telecommunications, and sporting goods.


We also represent clients in many other industries, including:

  • Accounting
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Emerging business
  • Energy
  • Equipment leasing
  • Forest products
  • Insurance
  • Information technology
  • Manufacturing and design
  • Materials and aggregate production
  • Media and communications
  • Mining
  • Municipal and public finance
  • Museums
  • Oil and gas
  • Life sciences
  • Public utilities
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Steel
  • Textiles
  • Transportation
  • Venture capital Indicated below are a list of services our IP team can help you accomplish


IP Litigation

Representing clients in patent infringement and invalidity cases involving diverse technologies.


Litigating trademark and passing off cases, for products and services such as health supplements, food products, apparel and footwear, technology products and systems.


Representing clients in trade secret and breach of confidence actions on software, high technology devices, and explosives manufacturing technology.



Our Patent Litigation team offers a vast experience with mediations, arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and have frequently achieved successful results with these methods as an alternative to protracted and expensive litigation.

Our team comprises of professional engineers, scientists and lawyers with advanced degrees in electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering, biology, chemistry, physics and computer science.


We further work with our clients to strategically anticipate and reduce infringement risks to product lines and business activities, analyze patent landscapes, provide formal opinions of counsel, and, if necessary, defend our clients in patent litigation cases throughout the country With offices in key business centers and an extensive network of handpicked international IP lawyers, we secure worldwide patent protection.


Our services cover the full range of intellectual property services related to patents and designs.




Our services in relation to patents includes:

  • Patent application drafting.
  • Patent application prosecution.
  • Advice on infringement, validity, enforcement in the UK and worldwide.
  • Litigation support, especially in the USA.
  • Due diligence for acquisitions and mergers.
  • Licensing, including licensing out and in, standards related licensing and defenses against potential assertions.

IP Portfolio management.

We offer a lead trial counsel committed to individual client cases from day one offering a hands-on assistance in addition to actively developing the case strategy, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of case, evaluating potential opportunities for resolution and preparing the case for trial.

We are highly adept at developing and implementing global patent enforcement strategies for our clients and strategically selecting venues to increase their probability of success.

Acting for international corporations in defining and protecting their various patent portfolios.

Advising on the licensing of patented technology.

Advising companies and research institutions on innovation policies and strategies.


Portfolio management

Our trademark specialists support brand owners in developing, protecting and exploiting their brands on every level: from initial trademark clearance and selection to filing, managing complex international portfolios, and any enforcement and disputes that arise.

Acting for domestic and international corporations in searching, clearing, and protecting trademarks, brand development management and strategies.

Managing extensive portfolios for all ranges or clients both domestic and international corporations in diverse industries, including food and beverage, consumer goods, media and publishing, and sports and entertainment.

Representing domestic and international companies in trademark disputes, across various jurisdictions

Protecting against infringement by running watch services and advising on strategies to halt infringements

Protecting clients’ trademark applications and registrations against third-party attack


Our Approach

Regardless of your location, we will select the intellectual property attorneys within the firm who best fit your specific needs and will staff your matter accordingly.

Our team includes also include the investigative comprising of language experts, industry professionals, computer forensics specialists and survey firms, to provide you with comprehensive litigation support services.

This group regularly assists clients in seeking customs remedies and preliminary injunctions, and interfaces with law enforcement in prosecutions of intellectual property crimes. We at BF Solution are committed to protecting your interests throughout the world by devising strategies to optimize your intellectual capital while addressing infringement and competition to enhance your market position


Intellectual Property Transactions

Our IP practice team provides strategic advice to entrepreneurs and industry leaders across a wide range of business sectors on how they can decrease risks and maximize the value of their intellectual property.

Clients look to our Intellectual Property Transactions practice for guidance on intellectual property (IP) issues arising in all types of corporate and financial transactions, including:

  • Acquisitions and divestitures of IP and technology assets
  • Joint ventures and joint development arrangements
  • Licensing and technology transactions
  • Research and development agreements
  • Securitization of intellectual property in debt transactions
  • Technology services agreements
  • IP portfolio development counseling

IP due diligence

Internet and new media issues

Our team of attorneys are vastly experienced in all facets of intellectual properties —from patents, copyrights and trade secrets to trademarks, service marks and trade dress—our partners are adept at structuring, negotiating and documenting an array of highly complex transactions.

Assisting clients at all stages of their business cycle with the formation and financing of new ventures, the restructuring, financing, and commercial operation of established businesses, and the sale and acquisition of companies or defined assets, products, and services.

When advising clients on patent portfolio design and strategy, we consider monetization at every opportunity from multiple angles, including valuation and enforcement.

This approach leads to creative strategies that might include licensing the portfolio, divesting assets, engaging in litigation, or structuring a joint venture.


Patent Infringement & Patent Litigation

Patent owners do not have complete protection against infringement simply because they own the patent. At Bf Solution we offer a patent infringement litigation team covering services ranging from patent litigation and disputes resolutions across various Federal Court, International Trade commissions and Patent Trial and Appeal Boards (PTAB).


Our trial lawyers have a vast experience with infringement cases before juries, judges and arbitrators representing clients in end-to-end, strategic disputes with their keenest and most aggressive competitors, We focus on trial strategy and themes from the beginning of a case.


While most cases settle before trial, strong trial-based case development optimizes the chance of favorable settlements by yielding pre-trial victories and signaling to the adversary that our client is unafraid to try the case if necessary, to protect its interests.

We often manage related patent matters in multiple US jurisdictions simultaneously, including the ITC.

With our global reach, we are also accustomed to acting for clients in resolving multi-jurisdictional patent disputes in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia Pac. In particular, we have significant experience with cross-border patent litigation involving the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, UK, China and Australia, as well as other countries worldwide.

We are highly adept at developing and implementing global patent enforcement strategies for our clients and strategically selecting venues to increase their probability of success.


Our deep technical bench includes lawyers with advanced degrees and experience in most technical areas, especially electronics, computer science, telecommunications and wireless, pharma and biotech, medical devices, chemical engineering, materials and automotive – so we can quickly understand your technology and industry.


Our attorneys also have a leading appellate practice, and have helped clients hold on to their victory or reverse any adverse result. Additionally, we have extensive experience handling inter parties’ reviews (IPRs) and post-grant reviews (PGRs) in the US, as well as supporting clients in opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office.


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(Trade Secrets Litigation)

The attorneys at Bf Solution work constantly to represent businesses seeking to protect trade secrets and confidential information and employees, former employees and their new employers accused of misappropriation. The attorneys in our Trade Secrets Litigation Practice Group work with a strategic approach to the various legal issues making the appropriate agreements to protect the clients’ business interest, with vast years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in trade secrets matters across diverse industries .Our attorneys play a key role in drafting hiring policies and due diligence risk avoidance checklists for use when hiring key employees from competitors educating them on the importance of adhering to trade secret protection guidelines.

Indicated below are a list of services our Trade Secrets litigation conduct

“Clean room” design-around practices

Hiring and employment practices

Preparation of non-disclosure and intellectual property-ownership agreements for joint ventures, independent consultants, vendors and employees

Training programs that assist in identifying, maintaining and protecting trade secrets and avoiding third-party claims

Unless there is an immediate and decisive legal response, trade secret misappropriation by former employees or third parties can cause enormous loss of value to a company. The effective handling of trade secret litigation requires not only a deep understanding of technology and the law (including the interplay between trade secret and patent law), but also the litigation depth and talent for which Bf Solution is known. We have been highly successful in obtaining emergency remedies such as preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders to prevent the use and dissemination of protected information. BF solution has represented dozens of clients in matters involving threatened or actual misappropriation of trade secrets and have obtained sizeable judgments, seizures and emergency remedies to preclude further use and disclosure of trade secrets.


Trademark Ligigation & Counseling

At Bf solutions we offer a full range of trademark services ranging from strategic counseling to trademark litigation. We offer an experienced and knowledge packed team offering you trademark advises and litigation representation assisting you with analysis, portfolio development, acquirement, protection, enforcement, dispute resolution, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-piracy.

Our trademark attorneys have decades of experience handling some of the highest profile trademark matters with extraordinary results with experience spanning a wide range of industries, including computer software and other technology, consumer products, entertainment and media, fashion, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.

Our lawyers are frequently called on to provide strategic advice on how best to protect, maintain and enhance valuable intellectual property assets — including building brands and businesses — on a worldwide basis.

Our trademark litigators represent both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation in district courts and courts of appeal throughout the country and around the world with extensive litigation practice for the enforcement of trademark rights, including trade dress, and for termination of unfair competition in both traditional and e-commerce marketplaces.

Our counseling services often begin at a trademark’s inception with proactive advice during the selection and prosecution process to help avoid or minimize the chances of litigation. Our counseling service is based on the basic principles that trademark counseling practices is based on value creation for our client’s business. We attend to a vast number of clients ranging from smaller, dynamic players in the emerging growth, entertainment and wine industries to publicly traded, well-known major corporate names in the high-tech community to food and beverage companies and even professional sports franchises.


Copyright Litigation & Counseling

Our team of attorneys at Bf Solution bring an extensive experience in copyright litigation, complemented by transactional work involving registration, licensing, and portfolio management.

 We have handled some of the most significant copyright disputes of the past two decades, as well as a range of traditional disputes, including frequent copyright litigation filed by serial plaintiffs.

Our Copyright, Litigation & Counseling team work with a range of clients — from startups to the leading technology companies in the world assisting them with services ranging from structuring and transactions negotiation involving copyrighted works, licenses, assignments and other rights transfers collaborating with then with the aim of aligning business and litigation goals to effectively and efficiently resolve disputes.

We often settle disputes before full-blown litigation. When litigation is inevitable, we strategically advance our client’s interests at every stage, using our knowledge, experience and preparation to press toward an early positive resolution.

Our team is devoted to helping our clients prosecute or defend any type of dispute involving claims of:

Trademark and trade dress infringement

Copyright infringement

False advertising

Domain name disputes

Unfair competition

This uncommon combination of skills and depth of experience allows us to handle your contentious matters more efficiently and to deliver more consistent results.

We regularly handle copyright clearances and prosecution, and conduct due diligence investigations in the context of business mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs and sales.


Advertising Marketing and Promotions Practice

At Bf solution we offer an advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group aimed at bringing leadership and strategic insight helping our clients plan, optimize and execute on above- and below-the-line advertising campaigns, marketing activities, and other consumer-directed communications which include sweepstakes, contests and promotions conducted through digital, social media and traditional channels

Our attorneys are skilled and effective courtroom advocates who protect our clients’ advertisements and brands. Whether it is stopping a competitor from making false and misleading advertising claims, fending off a challenge to our client’s advertising campaign during a critical business season, or defending against agency actions, we have an impressive track record of courtroom victories in important advertising cases across multiple jurisdiction’s— at the preliminary stage, at trial and on appeal .

In addition to the services we offer our attorneys also review all types of advertising copy and promotions counseling clients on all types of agreements with vendors of advertising-related products and services. Indicated below are a list of services offered by our Marketing & Promotional practice group.

Our experience also includes advising on the following:

False and Misleading Advertising Claims

Comparative Claims and Substantiation

Competitor Advertising Disputes

Legal Concerns Raised by Advertising Copy

Promotions, Sweepstakes and Games of Chance

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Consumer Protection Laws

Deceptive Pricing Allegations

Government Inquiries into Advertising and Trade Practices

Product Launches

Data Protection, Privacy and Use of Customer Information

FTC Regulatory Compliance

ASA, Clear cast and Other UK/EU Regulatory Compliance

Claims Made on Labels and Packaging


Political Advertising and Campaign-Related Issues

International Trade Commission (ITC Section 337) Practice


Bf Solution provides an ITC section 337 practice team, composed of seasoned trial lawyers and technical specialists experienced across multiple ITC investigations and cases.

Our lawyers Draw on deep and varied experience across patent law, litigation, licensing intellectual property, and Customs procedures possessing advanced degrees within electrical, chemical, mechanical engineering, computer sciences, biology and other relevant fields, enabling them understand the technologies at issue while strengthening the ability to argue effectively.

Our team has handled many unique issues covering a variety of products and technologies before the ITC, obtaining several significant, precedent settings and rulings on behalf of our client. We represent clients across a wide variety of industries in ITC proceedings, achieving client goals at trials, before the Commission, on appeal to the Federal Circuit and through negotiated settlement. Our team advises on and handles matters related to:

Domestic industry

Exclusion orders

Products by a patented process practiced abroad

Public interest


In rem jurisdiction

Advisory opinions

Enforcement proceedings

Customs enforcement

Nonparty subpoenas

Indicated below are qualities separating BF Solutions IP team from others

Leading Experience in ITC

Our attorneys are experience across areas ranging from pre-suit diligence through hearing, review, appeal and post-exclusion customs work representing major clients every step of the way.

Cross-Practice Excellence

Our ITC practice team provides a vastly informative and efficient service providing for our clients an unmatched value through the seamless integration of our IP litigators with those in non-patent areas such as antitrust, anti-corruption, false advertising/unfair competition, and trade secrets.

IP Excellence & Legacy

Our Ip practice team is diverse and efficient thus giving us the ability to tackle or resolve a particular issue offering multiple solutions. With more than over 40 IP professionals with a broad array of technical skills and knowledge we are able to leverage their skills and experience providing an efficient result for our clients. These individuals are the best and the brightest in the IP community and have won some of the most storied victories in patent history

An established IP Presence

Members within our IP practice team are experienced IP attorneys residing across various continents while practicing within multiple jurisdictions, efficiently placing us in a role to manage the numerous IP issues that may arise as a cost of doing business.