Molly Mullen

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Molly Mullen helps clients mitigate the risk of fraud, responding to regulatory and compliance violations, and resolution of disputes and litigation matters. He also helps clients manage their intellectual property by providing investigative services and advice on global enforcement actions. Molly has over 15 years of experience conducting sensitive and complex business intelligence assignments across multiple jurisdictions in the aerospace, automotive, ship-building, construction, engineering, chemical, retail, finance, telecommunication, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Prior to joining Brighter Future Solutions, Molly was a global purchasing agent for one of Asia largest Heavy Industries, where she spent more than three years in Tokyo Molly is fluent in Japanese and oversees the responsibilities which includes the negotiation and securing a number of multi-million-dollar contracts with suppliers worldwide and investigating suspicious and disputed contracts.

Professional Qualification

Consultant at Chiba Bank
Admitted at Glasgow Savings Bank
Bf solutions

Academic Qualifications

B.A., International Relations and Politics, University of Warwick
MS in International Affairs University of Tsukuba


Qualified Internal Auditor, Japan
Certified Fraud Examiner



Other Proffesionals

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