White Collar Defense & Investigations

At Bf Solution we offer a White-Collar Defense & Investigations team committed to represent organizations and individuals across the globe involved the most sensitive and high-stakes corporate crises.


Our team of lawyers have constantly taken active role in defending corporate clients, their officers, board members and executives in federal and state grand jury investigations, state attorney general investigations, regulatory enforcement proceedings, and civil and criminal forfeiture proceedings.


Our global teams deep understanding of the regulatory environment, and expansive industry experience positions us to successfully partner with clients in their most sensitive and complex multi-faceted investigations and compliance needs.

Using a risk-based approach to handling global and in-country risk assessments


Our clients benefit from our:


Industry and regulatory expertise.

We regularly work with colleagues in the firm’s regulatory, compliance, corporate and government affairs practices to assist clients on various matters.

With leading regulatory practices in securities, antitrust and privacy/data security, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients the best expertise in the industry.

Results-driven focus. Every strategy we devise and tactic we employ is guided by our clients’ objectives.
Decades of experience. We have long-standing relationships with regulators and enforcement authorities with whom our clients interact.

Discretion. We have a very successful track record in resolving many matters quietly, without any litigation at all, let alone criminal referrals or prosecutions


We see beyond the horizon to help clients minimize the legal, economic and reputational risks that corporate investigations and enforcement actions pose by working to quickly identify, contain and correct potential misconduct.


While every investigation follows specific routines and steps Our white-collar Defense & Investigations team approaches each situation with certain common principles, including:


1. Experience in both prosecution and defense fosters good judgment.

The experienced practitioners at Bf solution understand what is going on because they have been there. The firm draws upon the experience of lawyers who have sat in both the government-enforcement chairs and the client-defense chairs.


2. encouragement and reward of teamwork.

The firm emphasizes the value of teams, combining specific regulatory knowledge with procedural experience. Latham & Watkins has best-of-class specialty practices and a system to ensure collaboration without silos.


3. A comprehensive strategy is critical.

A defense strategy should take into account every important threat and trade-off, balancing legal risk and long-term business objectives. Reacting to the crisis of the moment without regard to a company’s long-term plans can lead to poor results. A number of issues — including disclosure rules, employee retention, customer and investor relations, privilege preservation, debarment, obstruction, whistleblowers, derivative actions, and insurance coverage — can come into play in seemingly routine, daily decisions.


4. reliable communication flow between firm and client.

Allegations of misconduct can lead an organization to difficult moments of self-perception and second-guessing among colleagues. A key part of our job is to obtain buy-in on the strategy from the relevant decision makers at all levels and to communicate extensively as the engagement proceeds.


5. Strives for excellent relationships with government lawyers.

The justice system produces better results at less expense when adversaries cooperate on procedural issues without sacrificing substantive positions. BF solution also recognizes that developing a strong working relationship with opponents generally helps the firm’s clients to achieve favorable results. But if the government is unreasonable, Bf solution is prepared to stand its ground and to seek relief from superiors or the court.


6. Bf Solution is always ready to try a case.

There are many ways to resolve matters, including by trial. While resolution is often an organization’s goal, the reality is that sometimes it is simply impossible to reach a reasonable resolution without litigation. our willingness to take cases to trial is a critical asset in settlement negotiations.


7. Expense efficient team.

We are constantly aware of the demanding nature of investigations. We operate a team of attorney who take a diligent approach with budget and resource planning. Our team is aware Investigations and compliance programs should not have lives of their own; rather, they should serve the greater context of a business’ mission and role as a corporate citizen. BF solution draws on significant experience using client resources — including funds, as well as executive and employee time — responsibly, appropriately, and efficiently.


We offer a global team of lawyers responsible for representing clients in regulatory and white-collar criminal investigations bringing a powerful combination of breadth of experience and local expertise to the task of helping solve problems across cross-border and domestic criminal investigations.