Woodward Mattingly

Fundraising Officer

“I Head the Fundraising Team, at Bf solution group is also a member of the Management Team.Woodward handles any PR or Fundraising challenges covering all areas of PR, marketing, design, fundraising and attending all sorts of events. He is the first point of contact for anyone who is taking on a challenge to fund raise. Woodward has a successful track record in securing vital funding for all forms of clients .All grants require a thorough reporting back system, to ensure the money given is correctly spent, and this happens to also be Woodward’s area. Prior to working at BF solution woodward had an experience in the corporate world where he experienced fundraising and volunteering from the other side of the fence. Woodward is often relied on to join in with fundraisers when they are running into challenges. 

Professional Qualification

WORKED at Aberdeen Multicultural Centre SCIO
Admitted at Bf solution

Academic Qualifications

University of Leeds