Brian Bernstein

Head of the Data Security & Privacy practice

“I am a business litigator and in charge of the Data Security & Privacy practice team at Bf solution. 

Brian works with clients on data security and privacy matters across a variety of industries and sectors, including hospitality, consumer products, insurance, education, health care, manufacturing, and telecommunications. 

He regularly advises domestic and international companies regarding compliance with data protection laws across multiple jurisdictions bringing along a deep trial and appellate experience in addition to a consistent track record of producing cost-effective, positive results for his litigation clients. The constant business struggle to stay ahead of the increasing threats to sensitive data and the emerging regulatory requirements calls for Brians counsel towards his client approach on laws relating to the collections, use, and protection of personal information there by assisting them with the mitigation of risk while reducing exposure to investigations and litigation arising from the loss, theft, or exposure of personal data. 

In addition, Brian has a vast amount of experience in advises on strategic IP planning and due diligence investigations related to mergers and acquisitions, trademark selection and clearance, registration, licensing and infringement working  with a wide range of trademark portfolios across various sectors  

Moreover, he is known to assist vendors and buyers in drafting and negotiating technology-related agreements that improve profitability, reduce expenses, minimize exposure to liability and reduce the time to close deals that are critical to the bottom line. He has drafted and negotiated agreements in licensing, technology transfer, manufacturing, distribution, supply, support, outsourcing, cloud hosting, data storage and processing, software and website development, R&D, joint development, and other areas. Notably, clients rely on Brian to help improve their contracting processes by evaluating current approaches so as to realize the full potential for ROI and by designing professional training programs that improve negotiating effectiveness. 

Academic Qualification

Harvard Law School, J.D., 2004
bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) Middlebury College, 2000 -2004
London School of Economics, 1998-1999

Bar Admission

West Virginia 2010 

Professional Qualification

Admitted at, Allen & Overy Associate (2004-2009)
Admitted as in house Counsel Chase Bank (2010 –2013 )
Admitted at Bf solution 2013