Cyber Security

Brighter future solutions (BFS) engineers are elite professionals steeped in the practice of security, living and breathing the industry’s best practices. Our discover-mitigate-manage approach provides threat and vulnerability profiles, remediation, and managed services via a process-oriented yet modular solution that starts at the beginning or at any point of the cybersecurity life cycle. We proactively hunt for hidden threats, performing remote forensics analysis of incidents and provides actionable plans to help remediate incidents. Our specialist conduct both routine and non-routine tasks to improve our client’s security providing constant guard to protect our client from known and emerging threats

We provide advice, counsel and guidance on a diverse range of matters including:

  • Identifying a source of risk and quantify potential impacts associated with cyber-related business disruptions, compromised data and intellectual property, legal exposure and reputational
  • Developing security strategy, policies and governance programs, and the proposal of prioritized remediation plans based on the industry’s best practices.
  • Implement controls that help organizations and individuals identify, detect, prevent, respond, and recover from cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Customized to Achieve Your Goals

Regardless of the nature and structure of your organization our cybersecurity experts’ main purpose is solely to provide you with a solid security foundation mitigating security risks surrounding your various System, our expert security consultants function side by side with you evaluating all your concerns while providing various solutions and corrective measures all aimed at helping you understand your full range of options.

Secured Debt

Our cyber security governance team has been responsible for the Maintenace of various cyber security measurement protecting the integrity of critical infrastructures from various financial systems, public health, science, safety institutions, to intelligence agencies.By offering an unbiased consulting service we are able to helps you get an overview of your cyber security situation while prioritizing your spending, time and investments. The results we have provided our clients has been the main reason we are constantly relied on around the globe by multiple private enterprises needing a reliable data protection service or consul by assisting them with the prevention of revenues losses, harm to brand reputation, and potential fines or legal liabilities.

Rent a CISO / IT Security Expert

Security Testing

At Bf Solution we offer a cyber-Security firm offering a comprehensive approach to security testing beyond penetration testing to promptly identify and eliminating all forms of security vulnerabilities within your business, infrastructure and applications. Our cyber lab is equipped to provide a controlled environment prepared for testing many different elements relating to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Internet of Things (IoT). The lab is managed by a team of Operation Technology (OT) experts who possess specialist IT security knowledge helping you get a deep insight into your IT environment and current cybersecurity state while providing you with the necessary guidance to strengthen your infrastructure or its components.

The Scope of Bf Solutions Security Testing Services

Bf Solutions cyber security team is ready to deliver end-to-end security testing services, which include

  • Network services.
  • Servers
  • Firewalls, IDS/IPSs, and other security solutions.
  • Application protocol interfaces (APIs).
  • Front end and back end of web, mobile and desktop applications.

Vulnerability assessment

Our vulnerability assessment is part of our comprehensive security testing service. In which we perform multiple automated and manual security evaluation to detect vulnerabilities within our customers’ IT infrastructures Our services include:

  • Breach simulation, operating outside of traditional testing methodologies to simulate anattacker to uncover points of weakness
  • Risk validation, where our experts attempt to breach the information security controls of your organization during a penetration test
  • Security controls assessment to examine and assess various controls, technologies and procedures and identify points of failure
  • Vulnerability discovery and threat modeling to identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your systems

Benefits of our Security A testing service

Protect your assets & your reputation

Organizationsrely heavily on digital assets, whether that be web applications, infrastructure, third-party software, connected devices or supply-chain networks. These need to be tested on a regular basis, and if they were to be breached it could result in reputational damage.

Priorities improvement efforts

Penetration testing allows you to identify and classify your most critical vulnerabilities, providing vital remediation advice. This gives you the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your security and effectively priorities your ongoing improvement efforts.

Provide security assurances

Whether you’re buying third-party software, or developing your own solutions, ensuring its security is essential for both your organization and your customers. Our penetration testing services can help provide these security assurances during development, or as part of any procurement process.

Penetration testing

Our Cyber Security team offers a wide range of penetration testing services covering all aspects of organizational security, such as infrastructure, web applications, and social engineering. We’ll tailor our approach precisely for your major security concerns sharing in-depth findings on the risks you face and how to fix them. The best way to understand how hackers could exploit vulnerabilities in your IT systems is to mimic their methods and find the weak spots ourselves

Types of penetration tests we offer

  • Black Box Testing.
  • White Box Testing;
  • Gray Box Testing.

Infrastructure penetration tests

We offer a cybersecurity team offering a consultant-led Infrastructure Penetration Testing providing a thorough and independent examination of your corporate infrastructure and systems identifying software and configuration-based security vulnerabilities. An infrastructure penetration test is a proven method of evaluating the security of your computing networks, infrastructure and application weaknesses by simulating a malicious attack. Our infrastructure penetration testing services include:

  • Internal infrastructure penetration testing
  • External infrastructure penetration testing
  • Cloud and virtualization penetration testing
  • Wireless security penetration testing
  • Client-side software penetration testing
  • SCADA security penetration testing

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our cybersecurity team offers an expert web penetration analyzing testing at all aspects of your web app to help you stamp out all forms of security weaknesses. Web application are known to accommodate volumes of sensitive data, so it’s important to make sure they don’t become a loophole to your business we offer multiple stages to web app testing which include reconnaissance, enumeration, vulnerability discovery, exploitation and post exploitation, all of which are important in identifying whether there are any risks to your applications and their data, as well as surrounding network infrastructure

This helps identify and priorities organizational risk forming the foundation of a secure software development lifecycle. The test we perform are tailored specifically of your web app, making use of industry-standard tools and methodologies to find security weaknesses. Accurate scoping determines whether you require white, grey or black box testing, and whether the test should be performed from an authenticated or unauthenticated perspective.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Our cybersecurity team provides testing attempts aimed at exploiting the unknown existing vulnerabilities of the wireless services. By examining your network using methodologies similar to the standard wired penetration test by allowing access to the private wireless SSIDs/ escalated privileges for guest SSIDs that are intended for isolation from the private networks. Our testing service for wireless network makes available essential elements of mobility and convenience. Our security professional conducting the necessary wireless security assessment are familiar with all the industry’s necessary guidelines and standards. Our experienced testers will look at all wireless technologies which included looking at point-to-point links that are often licensed links from the FAA. Looking at Bluetooth (802.15) are also considered helpful in exposing any vulnerabilities that exist within the use of the network under testing.

Indicated below are the standardized methodologies applied by our experts:

a. Wireless Reconnaissance
b. Network Reconnaissance
c. Filtering Bypass for MAC Address
d. Encryption Exploits
e. Authentication Attacks
f. Session Management
g. Privilege Escalation


IT infrastructure maintenance and support: Our cybersecurity team provides IT infrastructure maintenance and support strategy aligns with your current business strategy. As the IT environment constantly changes with upgrades and expansions, it gradually starts to becomes complex to manage as Information Technology is considered a key business enabler to supporting business growth. Our services act as the key to better your business growth and support its future bringing you the promises of assured performance which comes with predictable management costs for any of the defined area of the IT infrastructure. It is essential to have available an IT infrastructure to power your business without any gaps in operations associated with an uninterrupted flow of real time information within your organization. We offer a range of proactive IT infrastructure services either remotely or within a hosted environment a list of our services includes.

  • Database Management
  • Security Management
  • Network Management and Monitoring
  • IT Service Desk
  • Platform Migration
  • Messaging and System Management
  • Storage and Backup Management

General Data Protection Regulation: It is no secret that New technologies have led to significant changes in our daily lives At BfSolution we offer from start to finish information and security consistency to associations throughout your business segments. We guarantee “data protection by design”, which means making the protection a vital element of the development of products and services. At your disposal you have the mastery of our team of pro information protection and GDPR consistence advisors, attorneys, IT security specialists and operational experts to guarantee you are agreeable with no operational disturbances. With the aid of team and experts your company will receive professional assistance in planning the implementation of any major change in your business operation to suite the policy. Indicated below are

The general Data Protection Regulation consulting services which our company provides are:

  • Privacy strategy
  • GDPR Compliance Services & Assessment
  • Contract & Policy Solutions
  • DSAR Support
  • CCPA
  • Outsourced DPO
  • EU Representative
  • DPO Support
  • The services we offer are grouped in two stages

STAGE 1 – preliminary system evaluation
At the preliminary stages we strive to get a clear view of your operations in terms of: security and privacy by design, information duties and procedures, methods of data collection, breach notification schemes, exercise of individual rights or data portability. Based on that, we make draft recommendations for how to effectively fulfill GDPR requirements.

STAGE 2 – preparation to securing the data
Once the preliminary stages are completed, we inspect the maturity of your systems used in personal data processing while carrying out risk analysis according to the nature of your systems, this analysis revolves around IT topics like encryption, data backup, logging, UserID operations, and non-IT ones like physical security and document lifecycle. We then discuss draft recommendations specified in Stage 1 with you, propose concrete IT solutions, and draw a blueprint for achieving GDPR compliance.

Why hire a cyber security consultant?

  • Advisory services are designed to meet security project goals in shorter time periods.
  • Security consultants run the system vulnerability test indicating loopholes aimed at reducing cyber threats and system breeches.
  • The presence of a security consultant helps motivate and alleviate staff on focusing on the detailed goals
  • The main goal of a of a consultant is basically risk management.

ForeScout Services

We offer a Forescout service ensuring visibility and control of all network-attached systems. Our team of consultants will help you and your business get the most of ForeScout implementation. Whether it is onsite staffing services, remote hands, or continuous management and monitoring services. Our team has extensive experience with Network Access Control (NAC) products and solutions.



We can help you with standing-out from the crowd, innovate and deliver customer-centric solutions through good software and guided support from some of the best specialists in the communications sphere. Our teams have worked closely with Businesses and Technical stakeholders at Telecoms worldwide in order to implement omni-channel and digital store-front transformation with one goal in mind making or customer and the customers of our customer successful, satisfied and happy. 

ForeScout Services

We work along with our partners, companies and their stakeholders to create strategic, operational and financial advisory solutions that protect and enhance enterprise value through sales force effectiveness, service delivery optimization, customer profitability improvement and much more. designs and builds but also stabilize the applications post go live. With deep functional knowledge and technology expertise, we have helped identify and overcome technical as well as business challenges.

  • Enabling end-to-end processes integration and communication across telecom systems
  • Leveraging microservices in BSS and OSS to improve time-to-market for new features and seamless network changes
  • PaaS and Containerization to enable an elastic, extensible and reliable enterprise environment
  • Technology excellence to mitigate platform limitations, legacy constraints and data migration
  • Agile delivery, sophisticated program and project management to manage implementation complexity
  • Go-forward and roll-back capabilities to reduce implementation risks

Clients tell us that our approach is unique when compared to that of other consultants because we utilize senior experts who roll-up their sleeves to work side-by-side with the clients to deliver practical solutions. We provide recommendations honed by analytical rigor and expertise developed over years of industry experience.