Brighter future solutions on Investing draws on the perspectives and experience of Bf solution group consultants who work with and consul investors, across Mutiple and other sources from around the world. we have developed the conviction that each company and situation require a fresh perspective and approach our creativity, sector expertise, and industry-leading operations group, which features more than 60 functional specialties serving private equity and institutional investor clients in all regions of the world and across all major sectors—from consumer products and financial services to technology and industrial goods

Our Approach

Our perspective has been to work with our partners finding solutions which drive sustainability and value over the long term. We actively work on building trust and credibility by leveraging our global scale, industry expertise and diverse insights to deliver better solutions and build better businesses.

Expertise in creating value

We consider ourselves active investors constantly partnering with our portfolio management team to achieve the desired growth while improving productivity. Our goal is built around creating value for our investment partners, the portfolio companies in which we are actively invested, their team, and the sector across which they operate. Our measure of success is evaluated in the long term result we are able to provide our clients and partners.

Stakeholder engagement

We are actively engaged with a range of stakeholders, ranging from individuals, investors, global organizations and community groups, and portfolio company management and employees who are affected by our business decisions and can contribute to our success. We strive to ensure we are creating a shared value through initiatives benefiting all our stakeholders.

Global Network

The global network of bf solution professionals and advisors is vast and our worldwide relationship with business leaders constantly growing with an active presence across more than 30 countries, we believe that our global footprint has been a competitive advantage not only in sourcing, staffing, and performing due diligence on proprietary investment opportunities, but also in supporting our client’s growth

Experienced, and deep investment team

Our Private Equity investment professionals at Bf solutions come from a broad spectrum of various financial, investment, strategic consulting, and industry background. We offer a team of experienced investment professionals comprising of seasoned local investors who know the region, understand the culture, and have extensive investment and business experience

Deep industry knowledge and proprietary sourcing capabilities

Our private equity professionals at BF solution group function as a team while individually being experienced across the respective fields they are in charge of. We believe in the combination of global expertise with local networking allowing our various professionals to source proprietary opportunities and drive differentiated results.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy always was, and continues to be, predicated on the following three key themes:

The first is Discipline, which requires being true to our contrarian, value-oriented model, and knowing when to be cautious and when to lean into great investment ideas.

The second is Complexity, which we harness to capture value in idiosyncratic opportunities which others are either unwilling or unable to tackle.

The third is Creativity, with idea generation fundamental to our work, whether it be the way we design solutions for companies, execute transactions, or develop new structures and products for investors in our funds.

Our private equity investors across the deal life cycle, ranging from reinvestment diligence through post investment. We provide more than just capital. We seek to make the companies we invest in stronger through a bottoms-up strategy of transformation. Crucially, we bring the expertise of our Portfolio Operations Group to provide strategic guidance on a variety of operational improvements, including revenue growth, procurement, leadership development, lean process and IT optimization.

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. We purposefully engage only in friendly transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve transformative results. Our specialized Portfolio Operations Group helps to maximize value by improving processes across varied elements of a business’s operations.

The returns that these investments earn for our investors – pension funds, academic and charitable institutions, governments and other institutions, as well as retail investors – help to secure and grow the assets needed to support retirees and fund essential programs.

Our investments span a wide range of industries around the world in established and growthoriented businesses alikeplaying a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential.

We play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential. We uncover and unlock value by identifying great companies with untapped potential and enhancing their performance

What we do

Our global network of more than 30 experienced professionals serves private equity and institutional investor clients in all regions of the world and across all major sectors—from consumer products and financial services to technology and industrial goods .We typically invest as a significant limited partner and often serve as an advisory board member.” taking a different approach to sponsor relationships, specifically targeting those that seek value added partners and support for portfolio company financing needs.

We invest across industries in both established and growth-oriented businesses across the globe basing our investments on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value for our clients and partners. Our private equity strategies focus on a broad range of regions and market sectors, and they combine traditional private equity and distress-for-control activities. Using a flexible and opportunistic approach, we invest in companies we believe to be undervalued. We seek to enhance value through key strategic and tactical initiatives, including rightsizing capital structures, streamlining operations, improving core businesses, and creating new platforms for growth. Our teams leverage deep sector knowledge and extensive proprietary networks to gain superior access to deal flow

We have engaged in multiple transactions offering a talented management team with a goal of providing utmost efficiency, constantly striving to partner with developing firms where we create value by investing our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support driving transformation and innovation

Our Services


Data Management:

Data collection, ingestion and cleansing from a range of data sources including underlying direct investments, fund of funds and third-party data sources

  • Consolidation or aggregation of underlying investment financial and performance data
  • Data reporting to your systems, through Sanne Reporting or via API

Portfolio Monitoring:

Our portfolio Monitoring service actively involves the

  • Collation and reporting of underlying investment performance data across an entire portfolio covering direct investments, primary and secondary fund of fund positions and derivatives with simple and detailed views.
  • Enables Users to define their own portfolio, reporting data or period and currency for monitoring and analysis.
  • Portfolio exposure analysis by sector, currency, geography, asset class, instrument type, credit rating or other customizable metrics.
  • Monitoring and comparison of performance metrics (Net & Gross), across a user defined portfolio in real time using daily adjusted valuations.
  • Drill through your fund, holding and investment structure to the underlying portfolio investment and its performanc

Portfolio Investment Monitoring:

Our investment portfolio analysis is an essential service involving the application of various powerful tools to help improve earnings while managing risk and meeting the evolving regulatory requirements. The analysis we provide is aimed at assisting you have greater transparency while making better-informed, timely decisions .in addition the active analytics we offer allows for dynamic monitoring of the investors investment activities while gauging the results of the various strategic decisions with real time scenarios and applications indicated below are additional services, we offer within our portfolio investment Monitoring service.

  • Cash flow management: Analyse and monitor cash flows in real time and access notices  directly from the interactive report; perform scenario analysis to anticipate cash flow requirements.
  • Report financial and performance information
  • Analyse daily exposure to a single investment across your entire portfolio
  • Tracking performance of portfolio investments against investment case, budget or required metrics

Fund services:

We offer an experienced and dedicated team dedicated to the coordination of all activities linked to the operation of your private equity funds included below are some of the activities we offer

  • corporate legal and secretarial services (onshore and offshore)
  • investor communication services and contacts maintenance
  • preparation of Fund level reports/financial statements and investor level capital statements
  • investor communication services and contacts maintenance
  • calculation of all fees including preferred return and carried interest/performance fees
accounting services

Fund accounting services and investor allocations:

We make available a private equity teams dedicated with the offering of flexible and scalable  real-time accounting system meant on the

  • Management of audit and tax requirements.
  • Independently recalculating premium, acquisition costs and net underwriting income.
  • Reconciling portfolio positions, activities and cash with banks and custodians
  • Reviewing and recording of losses incurred and loss reserve.
  • Record keeping in accordance with relevant Accounting Standards.
  • Preparing unaudited financial statements, statutory financial statements and returns, and coordinating annual audit, if needed.

Tax services

  • Tax compliance and consulting services
  • Capital account maintenance services
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Post-transaction tax integration
  • Tax analysis and design
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax planning
  • Tax planning and analysis of the divestiture of a portfolio company
  • International, federal and state and local tax consulting and compliance

Depositary Services

Our experts assist clients with the AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive) regime and work to ensure they meet their depositary requirements in a timely and efficient manner. In addition to an active involvement with various local regulators and industry bodies ensuring we are always aware of the latest regulatory changes while working with you to understand the specific implications for your business. Our Depositary Services include:

Cash Flow Monitoring

  • Cashflow reconciliation and record keeping
  • Review the adequacy of cash monitoring controls annually
  • Monitor unusual or significant cash flows and escalate to the AIFM
  • Ensure the resolution of discrepancies identified by reconciliation controls

Safe Keeping

  • Ensure access to all the relevant information required to perform the ownership verification and record-keeping duties
  • Verify ownership of these assets at the valuation point with independent sources.
  • Verification of fund assets, asset and disposal monitoring and reconciliation of manager and depositary records


  • Oversight of fund operations, including fund valuations, investment and risk limits and investor subscription and redemption activity
  • Establish a comprehensive escalation procedure for reporting irregularities.
  • Implement controls to provide reasonable assurance that investor transactions have been
    processed correctly and in accordance with applicable laws and the AIF’s constitutional
  • Perform checks to provide reasonable assurance that trades are settled within an acceptable

Corporate legal and secretarial services

  • maintaining the shareholders’ register
  • preparation of board and shareholders’ minutes and review of legal documents
  • fulfilling a company’s legal and compliance matters in accordance with local laws and
  • maintaining the shareholders’ register

Our Partners

Business Owners

For nearly 7 years, BF solution has partnered with business owners directly to help them meet their goals. Whether you are looking to take advantage of revenue, geographical or strategic growth opportunities, or your goal is to transition control or ownership to the next generation, or you simply seek to diversify your sources of wealth by converting some of your hard-earned equity capital into something more liquid, Bf solutions unique debt and equity capital markets solutions can help. If you’re a business owner who is interested in discussing liquidity avenues, for growth or for personal diversification you can request to speak to a consultant for more information

Private Equity Investor

Partners with private equity investors to deliver flexible, one stop capital solutions to assist our clients with their capital needs. For 7 years, our relationship (rather than transactional) based philosophy and our enterprise value-focus on underwriting has led us to become a preferred source of debt capital for dozens of renowned private equity sponsors. Whether you are an established middle market equity sponsor, a spin-out from another firm, or an independent sponsor, if you are keen to unlock a company’s growth potential and value creativity, responsiveness and professionalism, you can request to speak to a consultant for more information.

Credit Partners

Bf Solution frequently partners with a handful of recognized lenders in the execution of its directly originated capital structure solutions. For nearly 7 years, Bf Solution has partnered with depository institutions, CLOs, BDCs, SBICs, specialty finance companies, structured finance investors and institutional investors in joint, pari passu investments as well as in carrying out multi-tranche financings for European, Asian, North America, south America and central America companies. Bf Solution offers experience in diverse industries, with different types of financing and situations, through multiple economic cycles. you can request to speak to a consultant for more information

Financial & Strategic Advisors

Bf Solution has become a trusted “first” and “last call” for investment banks, brokers or other advisors facilitating capital markets solutions for European, Asian, North America, south America and central America clients. Bf Solution wide range of lending-focused investment vehicles have access to plenty of liquidity, providing investment professionals that are responsive, professional, creative embodying a culture of integrity and relationship-driven collaboration that financial and strategic advisors value. you can request to speak to a consultant for more information

Management Teams

Bf Solution partners with both established and emerging management teams representing a diverse range of industries, experience levels and opportunities. We’re honored to have been requested by a list of prestigious management teams undergoing a change of control to remain or be utilized as a source of financing of the acquisition. We guarantee your business could benefit from your management team’s utilization of our strategic, financial and operational experience and expertise you can request to speak to a consultant for more information