Bf solution provides advice and representation to victims of fraud and securities matters. If you have been accused of fraud, it is important you know what it is and possible impact on your life. you are guilty of fraud if …

Document Review and compilation

This is the most basic and important service in any investigation at bf solution we provide you with an experienced team of fraud examiners ensuring the compilation of all financial statements and documents that will be essential during the litigation.


Bfsolution offers a  a team of lawyers who are available to conduct extensive document review and electronic discovery across various fraud cases. The analysis we conduct ensure we evaluate all data and information partnering to the case. 


Fraud can take on many different forms. It often involves the provision of false information and a breach of trust. We act for both individuals and companies seeking to uncover or respond to issues and events with criminal and regulatory repercussions.

Forensics and Investigations

Asset Tracing and Recovery

Bribery and Corruption Investigations

Due Diligence

Forensic Accounting

Fraud Investigations


We bring to bear the best multidisciplinary and multinational teams in the business to solve our clients’ most difficult problems. our experts specialize in skills ranging from obtaining municipal records (along with research experience), industrial espionage, security evaluations, testing, background checks and a full scope of surveillance capabilities. Progressively we have grown in experience adopting new technologies to ensure that our investigations are completely objective and well-documented yielding results. 

Investigations conducted are being done considering both professional and ethical standards. We fully comply with the Data Protection Act assuring you the best Investigative services. 

Our speciality 

  • Criminal Cases  

  • Corporate Investigations 

  • Fraud Investigation  

  • Legal Investigations 

  • Background Checks  

  • Technical /forensic   

  • Intelligence and Risk Advisory Services 

  • Others