Wealth Managemen

General Wealth Management

Bf solutions Group services are designed to keep you focused on investment decisions and client management often helping you or your business to be compliant with any regulatory framework, with the aim of getting the best access to investors, out-sourcing non-core functions, providing risk reporting and analytics to steer your businessBy offering a wide range of solutions we are able to cover diverse investment strategies, fund structures and asset types, often benefitting our clients tailored request Whether you are managing funds in major European markets or in cross-border markets, in Central and Eastern Europe (or in Africa), Bf solutions Group regulatory intelligence and expertise can assist you.

Wealth Management

Our approach to wealth management involves a combination of two distinct but complementary services: Financial Planning and Investment Management. Wealth management is often a team job. Bf solution group offers you a one stop shop where you can get all the specialists you need under one roof – financial planners, tax planners, and portfolio managers. By offering an integrated service plan we are able to save your time and money compared to shopping around and managing multiple separate advisers. It means that whatever advice you need, you’re always speaking to someone who understands the full picture when dealing with bf solutions group


Services offered within wealth Management

  • Asset Management for Personal Injury
  • Charity & Philanthropy
  • Estate Planning
  • Ethical & Sustainable Investing
  • Financial Planning
  • Intergenerational Wealth Management
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Financial Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Tax Planning


When we make any major decisions in life, it makes sense to call on experts in the field. Wealth management is no different. You need sound, impartial advice from those who have the experience and depth of knowledge to help you.

Most people seek wealth management advice for exactly that reason. They want to place their trust in the hands of a professional whom they know will have their best interests at heart. They’re looking for clarity and transparency at all times, as well as a clear explanation of the various options available to them.

There are obvious advantages to wealth management, primarily seeing a return on your investment. But the benefits extend far beyond a purely financial scope. At bf Solution group our services mean you can gain a greater understanding of the landscape, which will help you to make decisions in the future.

Allowing you to set clearly defined life goals and map out a plan for how you are going to reach those. On top of all that, private wealth management with Investec means you can set yourself up for the future as well as provide for your loved ones something we all aspire to.

We are fully aware that one person’s needs are entirely different from those of another, making our every approach to wealth management tailored to suit the client’s unique situation.