The main idea behind any due diligence investigation is to mitigate risk and make informed business decisions.

The risks inherent in today’s financial transactions are greater than ever. At Bf Solution we provide you the answers to questions that financial and legal analyses cannot address, especially regarding integrity issues and the reputations and backgrounds of counterparties.

We help companies and individuals through our extensive experience to resolve various issues of corporate fraud or conflict with their employees or competitors. Our consistent track record of providing a maximum success rate has helped us to become one of the leading and well-known corporate investigation companies on the market.

Our Due Diligence team is fully equipped with the latest technology equipment and our investigators with unbeatable experience and knowledge.


Why conduct Due Diligence Investigations? 

For companies who are involved with IPO’s, mergers, acquisitions, joint venture, partnership deals and countless other business scenarios, consideration should be given to contacting us to discuss your needs so we can assist in the design of an action plan using our various services and expertise.

The results of our services can act as a spotlight into past dealings and behavior which in turn may give you a glimpse of what to expect in the future.
You may or may not like what you learn.

Listed below are a few benefits that you gain when conducting Due Diligence Investigations:

  • Reduction of risk
  • Minimize embarrassing situations 
  • Obtain and keep peace of mind 
  • Ensures reliability 
  • Nothing hidden 
  • No surprises 
  • It’s just a good business practice 


Types of Due Diligence Services We Offer

Financial due diligence

A Proper due diligence offered by bf solution will typically involve a careful examination of all materials contracts, including partnership agreements, licensing agreements, guarantees, loans and bank financing agreements…


Tax Due Diligence

Across this due diligence we are majorly concerned with the tax aspects of businesses assessing the total tax liability and the level of compliance across various tax laws…


Legal due diligence

The main goal behind our financial due diligence service surrounds the mitigation of risk while highlighting opportunities across business transactions in any prospective business transaction


The main goal behind our financial due diligence service surrounds the mitigation of risk while highlighting opportunities across business transactions in any prospective business transaction. By Identifying red flags and gather critical information.

Our Financial Due Diligence team provides Quality of Earnings (QoE) and key financial analyses for both buyers & sellers. The information we provide is supported by rigorous analysis enabling decision makers take action. 

For shareholders  

Our business Due diligence protects shareholders by determining if transactions make sense in terms of valuation. 

For Buyers  

On the buy side of a deal the information we provide helps validate the asking price for an acquisition, or open one or more avenues for negotiating a better price. 

For Sellers  

On the selling side of a transaction this process ensures that your accounting systems and financial reports are accurate, well-organized and presented in the strongest possible light. 

Indicated below are some of the key services we offer  

Key Services 

Financial Due Diligence (buy-side and sell-side)  

Quality of Earnings (QoE) Analysis  

Net Debt and Debt-like items 

Working Capital Analysis 

Assessment of Financial Report, Accounting Systems and Policies and Personnel Financial Model Review/Projections 

Data Room Support  

Tax Due Diligence 

Income Tax Risks and Exposures 

Net-income Tax Risks and Exposures 

Tax Attributes 

Tax Structuring  

Tax-efficient Structures 

Tax Benefit/Cost Modeling 

Operations Advisory  

Synergies Evaluation 

Process Improvement 

Merger Integration 

Across this due diligence we are majorly concerned with the tax aspects of businesses assessing the total tax liability and the level of compliance across various tax laws.

This service comprises the assessment of the current tax burden, main tax liabilities and relationships with the tax authorities.

Compliance with tax laws and regulations is evaluated by amount and submission date – as well as risks related to social insurance and payroll taxes.

Tax analysis can be conducted either in relation to a specific business situation the most valuable outcome of the tax due diligence is the Client’s full awareness of the extant tax risks and the informed decision-making in the context of tax law 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Investigations typically include a full review of public records, including, but not limited to: corporate registration, civil and criminal legal records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, local and English-language media and internet records, and cross referencing of sanctions lists and political exposure databases. 

The aim of each investigation is to build a reputational profile of the target subjects so that our clients are making the best possible business decision. In jurisdictions where publicly available information is limited, we work with our clients to craft a cost-conscious human intelligence report that utilizes our global network of sources to assess the reputation of the parties in question (see FAQ section for Discreet Source Inquiries). 

Due diligence investigations are essential for making well informed decision usually our clients will order due diligence prior to the closing of a merger or acquisition, prior to public filings, prior to equity or cash investments, or on a regular basis as part of their anti-bribery & corruption (ABC) and/or anti-money laundering (AML) programs. In some instances, clients will engage our services for remediation purposes and internal whistleblower cases. 

Bf Solution Due diligence investigation team is comprised of a combination of human research with technological enablers to ensure the accuracy of the information presented and assist in decreasing turnaround times. Our research staff is trained to see subjects as a whole and to use the totality of research findings to confirm, question, and present the most comprehensive report possible. 

Our Strong worldwide network of partners and associates gives us access to some of the remotest locations of the world where we are able to extend our services, thereby making us the undisputed market leader with the widest possible outreach. Our service locations effectively cover the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America. 

As such, Timothy conducts onsite research in developed and emerging markets and analyzes this information to identify risks. 

Our services include investigating, analyzing and verifying significant information, such as: 

  • Regulatory history, sanctions and violations 
  • Criminal proceedings and civil litigation 
  • Corporate, partnership and other business records 
  • Property and other asset-related sources 
  • Professional and educational history 
  • Personal and business reputations