Majority of disputes are resolved through the available legal processes and the process for any dispute resolution can be cumbersome and unavoidable, whether it involves a breach of contract claim, a shareholder issue, a business tort, a class-action matter or any other claim despite it’s critical to have all the facts of the case, intelligence and gathered evidence that supports it at your disposal.


Collecting the information to support your case through investigation, tracing people or assets, research and analysis of the evidence is a baseline of our litigation service.

the best efforts of those involved. When this happens, especially in high stakes litigation or arbitration cases

Our Litigation services is offered in close succession with forensic.


Our experts have extensive experience in representing client in multiple civil proceedings across the globe Our forensic investigators can unearth tell-tale signals in accounting records through to IT and computer systems, even identifying old style forged signatures through our forensic handwriting service.


We’ve seen success over a wide range of cases, from personal and corporate frauds, multi-million-pound divorce cases, search and seizure orders and much more. Backed by our comprehensive support services, such as pre-litigation support, IT Forensics services, gaining access to evidence and preserving its integrity for use in court; all within necessary legal frameworks.


 We utilize a detailed forensic analysis, business valuations techniques, lost profit and commercial damage calculations and other financial calculations that are backed by best practice methodologies, peer reviewed and court accepted empirical data sources and sound economic principals.


Our keys to successful court reporting programs and managed service have a key underlining of consistency, customer-driven care, and transparency.


The litigation services we offer is grouped into

Forensic services: Our forensic services include helping attorneys manage complex case details, discovery and document management; and helping source screened, certified and credible expert witnesses to support your case.


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Deposition and trial services: When it comes to preparing for trial, you can rely on our Litigation Services for everything from court reporting, transcription, traditional and video deposition services, and more, designed to give you the edge and comprehension you deserve.


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Corporate services: We also offer customized, cost-effective corporate legal services that include real-time performance metrics and business intelligence tools.

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Expert Witness Services

No matter the underlying subject area needing litigation support, you may need assistance locating competent, credentialed professionals who can provide expert witness testimony to bolster your case. We offer a Litigation Services that has a network of pre-screened expert witnesses in a variety of disciplines. Our certified examiners and subject matter experts are ready to provide the expertise you need. Request Service


Our litigation experience and Specialties span from:

  • Class Action Certification Support

  • Oil and Gas Litigation

  • Breach of Contract / Shareholder/ Partner / Trustee disputes

  • Alter Ego / Piercing of Corporate Veil Analysis

  • Analysis of the ability to pay punitive damage awards

  • Personal Injury / Loss of Life / Life Care Plan Valuations

  • Employment Law Damage Calculations

  • Business Valuations

  • Family Law Litigation

  • (Litigation)


Anti-trust & Competition

Class Action Litigation

E-Discovery Strategy

Environmental Litigation

Data Security and Privacy

Arbitration and Mediation

White Collar Defense and Investigation

Employment Litigation and Counseling

International Arbitration

Insurance Litigation

Securities Litigation