Infrastructure, Construction

Brighter future solutions work with the world’s leading construction and building product firms to consistently achieve positive results across favorable and unfavorable market environments. We work with some of the industry’s largest multinational corporations which includes small, midsize and large businesses. Our experience has showed us that to be successful in construction you need to understand the business at a global, regional, country, local and project-by-project level. We have partnered with leading construction companies, carrying out building and infrastructure works across the globe with the extensive knowledge and expertise provided by our professionals and partners located in several regional offices. This approach enables us to deliver schemes of national distinction, with a local approach across a wide range of markets. Our spread of work includes both the public and private sector. We are renowned for our ability to provide sustainable, and operational solution and expertise in the infrastructure sector.

during the course of our experience, we have come across certain setbacks which we tackled together with our clients as one much like the spirit of partnership. The core of our relationship with our clients is trust which is only enhanced through appreciation, honesty, transparency and a sense of responsibility which is also a prioritized virtue for both employees and partners of (BFS). We count on trust in all area being confident that we will continue to provide the needed aid, solution and funding needed to transform a client’s imagination into reality but also ensuring the client is carried along the entire process. The employees, partners, contractors and subcontractors both working for and with Brighter future solutions have a high level of individual responsibility on their part, becoming the cornerstone of our leadership.

What We Do

Conventional Contractors

we exclusively take up construction activities as an area of focus, while the client can offer MEP (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing) contracts to their preferred service providers. In this model, we facilitate coordination among various package contractors with our own scope of work and provide on-site facilities to them for smooth execution of the project.

General Contractors

We offer a general Contracting service tackling not only the project construction phase but also MEP and finishing phases. We take single point responsibility for all service providers and allow specialized work packages at our discretion, with our own internal divisions and associated businesses. Everything from basic engineering, execution, construction, civil engineering, external facades, finishes, MEP to IT setups are managed and delivered by us. We are actively involved in all forms of renovations applying techniques and solutions which have proven to be cost-effective some of our projects involve the renovation of both commercial and residential clients.

At Bf Solution we offer an experience with major infrastructural projects paired with smaller municipal capital infrastructural programs/projects allowing our project management team to provide leadership at all stages of the project development, our team of consultants, and professionals are experts in project management and maturity by relying on our unique blend of proven methods and tailoring techniques to create and deliver solutions adapted to your needs Our relationships and expertise with clients and stakeholders allow for effective delivery of your project to your satisfaction. The project Management Service we offer supports the full project lifecycle of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, and closing.

Within our project management team, are professionals experienced in drafting all forms of project documentation and cost estimation required outlining project investment and project approvals. Following any project approval, we proceed to rigorously manage the project scope, schedule, budget, benefits and risk to ensure the highest probability of successful implementation

By applying our project experience and project management training, our project management team follow the standard project management best practices/tools/procedures, which includes:

  • Project Delivery Analysis/Advisory Services
  • Project Funding Analysis/Advisory Services
  • Scope Definition, Management, and Reporting
  • Budget Definition, Management, and Reporting
  • Schedule Definition, Management, and Reporting
  • Communication Management/Engagement
  • Permitting Definition, Management, and Reporting
  • Stakeholder/Community Engagement and Management
  • Risk Definition, Management, and Reporting
  • Procurement (Consultant/Contractor/Specialist) Leadership and Management
  • Consultant Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Digital Public Engagement
  • Sustainability Advisory Services
  • Indigenous Engagement and Management
  • Property Acquisition Management
Project Management


Our professional offer all forms of renovations and home improvement services to residential and commercial clients in need. Our main goal is to provide outstanding customer service, high-quality work at affordable prices. By understanding the desired needs of the property owner our experts and partners are able to provide renovation and device an approach that will deliver and meet the expectation of the client in demand. We are known to deliver exceptional renovations and reconstruction services for our clients including but not limited to residential renovation, remodeling, to much larger industrial structural renovations being a full-service renovation company it is important we deliver attention to details, quality, and service at every stage. Innovation to solve problems is considered one of our qualities Whether the job requires major structural upgrades our Renovations team provides the right people with the right technical know-how and equipment to get the job done for you on time.


General Data Protection Regulation: It is no secret that New technologies have led to significant changes in our daily lives At BfSolution we offer from start to finish information and security consistency to associations throughout your business segments. We guarantee “data protection by design”, which means making the protection a vital element of the development of products and services. At your disposal you have the mastery of our team of pro information protection and GDPR consistence advisors, attorneys, IT security specialists and operational experts to guarantee you are agreeable with no operational disturbances. With the aid of team and experts your company will receive professional assistance in planning the implementation of any major change in your business operation to suite the policy. Indicated below are

The general Data Protection Regulation consulting services which our company provides are:

  • Privacy strategy
  • GDPR Compliance Services & Assessment
  • Contract & Policy Solutions
  • DSAR Support
  • CCPA
  • Outsourced DPO
  • EU Representative
  • DPO Support
  • The services we offer are grouped in two stages

STAGE 1 – preliminary system evaluation
At the preliminary stages we strive to get a clear view of your operations in terms of: security and privacy by design, information duties and procedures, methods of data collection, breach notification schemes, exercise of individual rights or data portability. Based on that, we make draft recommendations for how to effectively fulfill GDPR requirements.

STAGE 2 – preparation to securing the data
Once the preliminary stages are completed, we inspect the maturity of your systems used in personal data processing while carrying out risk analysis according to the nature of your systems, this analysis revolves around IT topics like encryption, data backup, logging, UserID operations, and non-IT ones like physical security and document lifecycle. We then discuss draft recommendations specified in Stage 1 with you, propose concrete IT solutions, and draw a blueprint for achieving GDPR compliance.

Why hire a cyber security consultant?

  • Advisory services are designed to meet security project goals in shorter time periods.
  • Security consultants run the system vulnerability test indicating loopholes aimed at reducing cyber threats and system breeches.
  • The presence of a security consultant helps motivate and alleviate staff on focusing on the detailed goals
  • The main goal of a of a consultant is basically risk management.

Project Financing

We offer and bring one of the largest and most experienced project finance team in the world compromising more than 300 dedicated specialists in our offices worldwide who are fully qualified to provide financial and legal advices we have an extensive experience representing clients in many of the most active regions for project development and finance, including Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In many regions of the world, such as India, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, our firm has the experience and track record in structured project finance that is second to none.

Total Solutions Provision

Today clients are increasingly demanding end-to-end delivery systems, the need of the hour is for design, construction and O&M to be handled by a single entity. Complex projects need complete end-to-end solutions for all phases till its completion and beyond.

As a Total Solutions Provider, our focused approach saves time and money without compromising on quality. We rely on sound planning and effective coordination to achieve end objectives. Our custom designed projects are tailored to the client’s personal requirements, functional and aesthetic needs and budgets.

What we offer

We offer a full range of investment banking and management services from project conception to project completion and beyond. We are able to assist our clients in assessing and managing the many variables that can affect the outcome of a project, including the political, social, legal and other risks that are inherent in complex, large scale projects and cross-border transactions

Our Portfolio

Consist of clients from various industries we have offered various types of asset and projectfinancing ranging from:

  • Construction and commercial real estate development
  • Equipment finance (including aircrafts and ships)
  • Financial markets and banking projects
  • Hospitality
  • Independent power projects
  • Industrial and manufacturing projects
  • Information technology companies
  • LNG projects
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Sports and entertainment facilities
  • Petrochemical projects
  • Petrochemical projects
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Telecommunications projects
  • Transportation infrastructure (including port facilities, railways, airports and toll roads)
  • Water treatment and desalination projects

Our Strength

We count on long-term business relations.
we also work with selected and proven subcontractors, with whom we maintain a confidence based working relationship.

Our financiers share a trust-based relationship with us from proven track records that we can be able to handle the funds committed to us, in a judicious manner.

Construction Advisory Services

BF Solutions brings an experienced team skilled in offering strategic and tactical advisory services across the various stages of project planning to construction and maintenance the position we occupy could be as an integrated part of a client’s existing team or by providing a dedicated consultancy solution. Our seasoned team of experts make use of state-of-the-art data analysis, project management and control solutions aimed at mitigating project risk, improving performance and collaboration among project stakeholders across all segments of the construction industry the list of services we offer is grouped into

  • Procurement
  • Planning & Programming
  • Project Controls
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Project Audit
  • Project Recovery
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Best practices implementation
  • Project assurance
  • Maturity assessment

Industrial & Commercial Construction

The building team we provide specializes in providing quality, custom-built, new constructions on request around the globe. Our main priority solely surrounds striving to meet our clients’ individual needs and provide the highest level of service. Our building team with the aid of our partners also offer mechanical systems for industrial construction projects. Some of those industrial building mechanical equipment we provided include plumbing, HVAC, natural gas, refrigeration, and fire protection systems for new construction and renovation projects. We specialize in the construction of

Industrial Warehouses & Commercial Buildings

We offer the highest quality of industrial & construction service. Commercial and industrial projects tend to be large and complex and constructing them calls for a well-organized method for managing project details. When taking on Industrial and commercial project it is important to consider taking into consideration a number of factors which including the nature of the particular sector for which the structure or structures are being provided, a thorough and comprehensive understanding of all owner’s desires, the appropriate materials to use and applicable design methods.

Our Portfolio

Below is a list of projects we have offered our services in

  • Airports and public transport
  • Auditoriums and theaters
  • Biomedical and scientific research facilities
  • Broadband networks and telecommunications
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Convention centers
  • Data centers and Internet server farms
  • Entertainment and theme parks
  • Environmental and remediation projects
  • Hospitality, gaming and leisure facilities
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Industrial buildings and manufacturing plants
  • Judicial facilities
  • Metallurgy and mining
  • Military and government installations
  • Multifamily residential and public housing
  • Museums and cultural centers
  • Oil and gas refineries, offshore production and storage facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power generation, energy and utilities
  • Prisons and correctional facilities
  • Rail and public transit
  • Research and laboratory facilities
  • Roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and seaports
  • Schools and universities
  • Sports arenas and stadiums
  • Water/wastewater treatment facilities